Friday, August 20, 2010

What Are PTC Sites . . .? ?

What are PTC sites and how can i earn from these PTC sites . ?? This is the very basic and first question that comes in a mind of the person who is planning to earn through PTC. So here is a littile introduction about the PTC sites which will help u in understanding what basically PTC Sites are ....

Introduction to PTC Sites:-

If you’re not yet familiar with Paid-to-Click (PTC) programs, then, let me provide you some information that you’ll need to start earning from PTC sites. Just by the term itself, you earn from PTC sites by clicking on ads and viewing advertiser websites for a couple of seconds. Most of the ads you’ll view are worth $0.01 or less.
Earning from PTC sites doesn’t require extensive time or effort. You can do it during your break at work, or when you get home from school or office. I do my clicking for approximately 10 minutes daily. But, it’s all up to you how many PTC sites u want to join. If you prefer to click for just a few of them, that’s okay
It’s very easy to join any PTC site. They just have a couple of requirements and you’re off to go!

Basic Requirements when joining PTC Sites :-

  • Valid email address. It can be from web-based email providers such as Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Alertpay or Paypal account. I suggest for Pakistani Members you to sign up with Alertpay as paypal is not yet available in Pakistan. You need a valid email address to sign up with the payment processors. Take note that some PTC sites require a VERIFIED Paypal/Alertpay account to join. Make sure you read the TOS. Most of them, though, only require a verified account when purchasing from them.
  • Fill up the membership form with ACCURATE information ONLY, especially when dealing with PTC sites that do not pay instantly. Make sure your name, birthday (if they ask for it) and everything else is accurate and correct.

That’s simple, Now, before you join PTC sites, there are things you need to remember to prevent any problems with your account (other people hacking your account, getting suspended, etc.). Make sure you read the PTC site’s Terms of Use (TOS) as the policies below are just general rules and reminders. Some PTC sites might have different policies.

General PTC Sites’ Rules :-

To prevent other people from hacking your account, make sure that the email address that you use when joining PTC sites is secure. And also your email address for your Alertpay and Paypal accounts. I suggest using a different email address when joining then simply enter your Alertpay or Paypal address in the membership form or when you’re about to withdraw your earnings.

  • DO NOT use the same password for your PTC sites. I don’t think I need to explain this any further but I will. Most important reason is to prevent other people from easily hacking into your account. One example is when you joined a PTC site and their site was actually a scam site, then, they can simply login your other PTC site accounts to get your balance.This is why I like Neobux and Palmbux because of their Secondary Password feature.
  • DO NOT create multiple accounts. Only cheaters do that. Some PTC sites are okay with multiple accounts in 1 household but all of those accounts will only share the number of ads available daily. Again, read the TOS.
  • DO NOT click and open 2 or more ADS at one time. Why? First, because their system would think you’re a cheater or a bot. Second, you won’t get any credits if you click and open more than 1 ad for 1 PTC site. You can open all your PTC sites all at one time but only 1 ad per PTC site should be opened
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